Crock pot chicken!

Such a simple meal to make!

Just wash the chicken and place it in your slow cooker/ crockpot for the usual time you’d set it for. Pour over it some olive oil and season with salt and ground black pepper. Add to this paprika, then place the lid on and you can leave it to do its thing!

When you come back several hours later your house will be smelling amazing and your dinner will be ready.

Now to complete dinner just throw a simple salad together or maybe steam some vegetables – then there you have it – dinner is served!

How’s that for an easy, quick, healthy and delicious meal?

I’m a proud, proud mama!

Squeee! I am just so excited to tell you that my son was awarded an academic letter at his school. Since he is in 9th grade only the top 5% of students in his grade were awarded. He was one of 19 out of 386 students! Isn’t that impressive? You might think

Mmmm Delicious Homemade Chai Tea

There’s nothing like a nice cup of yummy herbal tea to ponder the day over. Especially when we’re heading into autumn and there’s a chill in the air, it’s especially comforting, don’t you find?

I use this recipe to make my favourite blend of chai tea. Give it a try!

This will make about two cups – so just adjust the quantities as you require

5 Cardamon Pods
Half a cinnamon stick
4 whole peppercorns
3 whole cloves
2cm of fresh ginger, grated
a third of a vanilla bean pod, with the seeds intact
A teaspoon of your regular black of green tea
2 cups of filtered or mineral water

Boil the water in a medium pan on your stove

Break up the cinnamon stick, cardamon pods, peppercorns and cloves, use a rolling pin to bash them if you don’t have a pestle and mortar. Pour this into the saucepan carefully, then add in the grated ginger. Scrape the vanilla beans from the pod and add these too.

Allow the water to boil, then reduce to a simmer for quarter of an hour.

Add the tea, turn off the heat and allow the concotion to seep for 4 to 5 minutes.

Strain the spices to serve and sweeten naturally if required with honey or stevia. If you prefer white, add coconut milk, cream or almond milk (non sweetened)

You can add cream or coconut milk/ cream if you want.

And relax!

The Most Amazing Coconut Yogurt

This is my coconut yoghurt recipe. It might seem long and complex, but honestly, it’s really simple! Try it – you’ll love it!

6 cups coconut milk (make this your self with coconut flakes and water)
1 medium can of coconut milk
half a vanilla bean pod
3 tablespoons of natural gelatin
a yoghurt culture
if you like is sweetened, stevia (optional)

Equipment you’ll need
3 glass mason jars with tight seal lids
a thermometer
a whisk

1. Make the coconut milk using the flakes (start this the night before to allow for soaking)

2. Put the homemade coconut milk into a saucepan, add on top the can of coconut milk and the vanilla pod (beans and pod). Put in the thermometer and monitor closely until you hit 180 degrees. This will take around about 20 minutes. Keep whisking to make sure none of it sticks or burns. As soon as you hit 180 degrees (which will take about 45 minutes), move the pan away from the heat and monitor until it cools to 100 degrees.

3. Once you’re at 100 degrees, take out the vanilla pod and pour about a cup of the mixture into a container. Add the starter culture to this container and whisk thoroughly. Once it’s mixed in add this back into the main pan of coconut yoghurt and mix in really well using the whisk.

4. Preheat your oven to warm, then turn it off as soon as it’s got the the warm temperature.

5. Extract about a cup’s worth of the mixxture and put it in a mason jar.

6. Gradually mix the gelatin into the remainder of the coconut milk mixture until it is 100% dissolved. Now, spoon the mixture into the mason jars.

7. Transfer the jars to the oven (which is now off), and leave to sit overnight.

8. The following morning you can move the jars from the oven to the fridge to make sure the gelatin can harden-up.

9. After three hours, remove the jars and empty them all into your blender, and blend them together.Add stevia now, if you’re using it.

10. Serve and enjoy!